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Blaine County, OK

Blaine County , OKBlaine County sits on the north flank of the Anadarko Basin, the deepest known basin in the continental United States and a great reservoir of petroleum and natural gas. In Roman Nose State Park elevations can reach 1,500 feet, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mesas.

The dramatic scenery of the area were formed by erosion of gypsum and shale laid down over 200 million years ago. Gypsum is the soft, white rock deposited when this area was a large inland sea, similar to the Dead Sea in Israel. Shale is the reddish-brown soft rock formed from the mud of river beds which crossed this area when the inland sea dried up.

Another natural wonder: fresh water springs (the largest collection in north-western Oklahoma) that stay a chilly 56 to 60 degrees, year round. The Spring of Everlasting Waters gurgles forth from subterranean rivers at the rate of 600 gallons per minute, feeding a recreational paradise of water and wildlife.

Blaine County is the site of the first gypsum mill in Oklahoma Territory, the Ruby Stucco Mill, Southard, located in the north central part of the county, is the site of one of the purest gypsum deposits in the United States. The U.S. Gypsum Company is the largest industrial plant in the county.

The International Association of Rattlesnake Hunters has headquarters in Okeene, which is also the site of its Jaycees Annual Rattlesnake Hunt.

The Canton Lake Walleye Pike Rodeo and Fishing Derby occurs annually at Canton Lake, Oklahoma's leading fisherman's paradise. The Walleye Rodeo is Oklahoma's oldest and largest fishing tournament.

Roman Nose State Park is located seven miles north of Watonga, the county seat and site of the Watonga Cheese Factory and the annual Watonga Cheese Festival. Watonga, was named for Watangaa, or Black Coyote, an Arapahoe leader.

Originally designated as "C" County in 1890, Blaine was adopted as the county name in November 1892, in honor of James G. Blaine, U.S. Senator, House Speaker, and Republican presidential candidate in 1884.

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Noble House

The current Noble House structure was built in 1912 by Abe Bills, and replaced an old landmark wooden rooming house. The lower level of the new building housed a residence and a barber shop for Mr. Bills, his wife and daughter. The upstairs portion served as a rooming house. Abe Bills'

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Blaine County Courthouse

The Blaine County Courthouse was built in 1906 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Watonga, OK Historic Courthouses

Watonga Floral and Antique Mall - 1892

Built before the turn of the century this building was purchased in 1892. In 1917 it became a clothing store and remained a clothing store until 1970. It then became a well-known drug store. The same person owned 104 & 106 W. Main since 1951. It continued as a drug store until sometime in the 1980'

Watonga, OK Historic Buildings

Armory Building

The Armory Building was built in 1936 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Watonga, OK Historic Buildings

Okeene Mill

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places is the Okeene Mill, which was built in 1901, with a storage capacity of 16,000 bushels of wheat and production of 20,000

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While you are strolling the streets and enjoying history you may like to stop by Temptations and see what is in store for you. In 1986 new owners purchased the building and wanted to stay within the era of our prairie architect. They did just that. They uncovered a ghost sign on the wall. It reads:

Watonga, OK Historic Buildings

Okeene Rattlesnake Round-Up

The Okeene Rattlesnake Round-Up is listed in the Worldwide Brochures Travel Dictionary as home of "THE Original Rattlesnake Hunt". People from all over the world have come to visit us. We are looking forward to seeing YOU the first week in May!

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Barbara's - 1892

The first owner purchased this building from the US Government in 1892. According to a local historian the owner accumulated a lot of property in and around Watonga. This property has been under the same ownership as 104 W. Main since 1951. Seven couples have owned this property from 1892 to date.

Watonga, OK Historic Buildings

Jesse Chisholm Grave and Monument

A granite monument stands on the bluff above Jesse Chisholm's grave. It says: Born in Tennessee in 1805 of Scottish and Cherokee descent, Jesse Chisholm came to Indian Territory in the 1820s. For 40

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Rose Building - 1911

Mr. Rose built a two-story brick building in 1911. He owned and operated a hardware store on the ground level. The upstairs had several interesting businesses including a pool hall, photograph studio and dental offices. Watonga'

Watonga, OK Historic Buildings

Chief Roman Nose

Roman Nose State Park near Watonga, Oklahoma, is named after the Southern Cheyenne Chief, Henry Roman Nose (often confused with the Northern Cheyenne Chief roman Nose, killed at the Battle of Arickaree in eastern Colorado, 1868). Born June 30, 1856

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